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You’ve come to exactly the right place. This e911.com Web site is a unique resource for those who need authoritative written and recorded information about crisis communications, management and staff development, and leadership.

To help you more quickly find and focus on specific topics or issues of interest, the information in many parts of this Web site is categorized by subject matter and divided into 12 Practice Areas. Much of the content is immediately available for download with certain restrictions related to ownership and copyright, which is retained by James E. Lukaszewski. For other content, you will be directed to our Crisis Store.

To speed your search:
  1. Open the Checked Box "TLG Practice Areas (Explanation & Directory)" located on the lower left quadrant of the Home Page under OUR CRISIS MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE.
  2. Click on the Practice Area that most interests you or that most closely mirrors the subject matter you are looking for.
  3. Explore (and print) the Directory inside the Practice Area you selected. It is your Table of Contents to specific Articles, Crisis Guru Commentaries, Executive Action Newsletters, Expert Commentaries & Concept Blocks, Speeches, and other content related to the Practice Area you selected but which is located throughout the entire e911.com Web site.
  4. Once you find an item of interest in the Directory, return to the Home Page. From the Home Page, find and Click on the specific content you wish to review. Most is located within on the Navigation Bar and in right-hand column.
There is some content overlap between Practice Areas. This is because an article, newsletter, commentary, or other resource may address more than one topic or issue.
  1. Activist / Web Attack Counteraction
  2. Coaching & Training for Executives & Managers / Leadership
  3. Community Relations / Grassroots Campaigns / Gaining Public Consent
  4. Corporate Relations / Professional Development
  5. Crisis Communication Management Readiness & Simulations
  6. Employee Relationships / Loyalty Building / Labor Relations
  7. Ethics / Integrity / Compliance Communications / Corporate Governance
  8. Litigation Communication Management
  9. Management Communications Strategy / Reputation Recovery
  10. Media Relations Strategy & Analysis
  11. Public Affairs & Exposure Management Forecasting
  12. Strategy
Most everything on the e911.com site is available for review or listening. Some sections such as Articles, Executive Action newsletters, and Speeches are printable. Mr. Lukaszewski authorizes you to make one (1) printed copy for your own personal and non-commercial use, without a fee provided the copy you make retains all copyright and other proprietary notices. You must pay a fee and obtain explicit written permission to reproduce, distribute, display, download, or repost. Altering or editing any document, in any way, without Mr. Lukaszewski’s permission is strictly prohibited. Please call us at 914.681.0000 to discuss your specific research requirements.

Audio files are provided for personal listening only and may not be downloaded, duplicated, or distributed without specific permission. Many are available for purchase through the International Association of Business Communicators and the Public Relations Society of America. Please call us at 914.681.0000 for availability and cost.
If you wish to obtain the Lukaszewski-authored books and monographs listed below, they are available on the Web at our Crisis Store and Rothstein Associates inc., www.rothstein.com (search for “Lukaszewski”). They are also available by special order from your favorite book store.

If you wish to obtain Jim Lukaszewski’s leadership lectures on CD or Strategy newsletters, please visit our Crisis Store.

If you wish to obtain Jim Lukaszewski’s article reprints or other Lukaszewski-authorised materials, please contact Barbara Lukaszewski at 914.681.0000 or tlg@e911.com We will work with you to quickly meet your needs in a way that satisfies copyright requirements.

For information about public or private seminars based on the concepts presented on this Web site, please contact The Lukaszewski Group Inc. at 100 South Bedford Road, Suite 340, Mount Kisco, New York 10549, call us at 914.681.0000, or send an e-mail to tlg@e911.com
Audio CDs:
  1. How to Become a Verbal Visionary©
  2. How to Develop the Mind of a Strategist and Become a Trusted Advisor©
  3. Ingredients of Leadership©
  4. Inside the Mind of a CEO© (Available soon)
  5. 51% Factor© (Available soon)
  1. Influencing Public Attitudes: Direct Communication Strategies That Reduce the Media’s Influence on Public Decision-Making, Issue Action Press©
  2. Volume I: War Stories and Crisis Communication Strategies, A Crisis Communication Management Anthology©
  3. Volume II: Crisis Communication Planning Strategies, A Crisis Communication Management Workbook©
  4. Volume III: Crisis Communication Plan Components and Models, Crisis Communication Management Readiness©
  5. Volume IV: Media Relations Strategies During Emergencies, A Crisis Communication Management Guide©
  6. Why Should the Boss Listen to You?  The Seven Disciplines of the Trusted Strategic Advisor©
  1. Answering Tough, Touchy, Sensitive Questions and Responding to Emotional Questioners©
  2. Becoming a Verbal Visionary©
  3. Building Quality Community Relationships©
  4. Communication Standards: The Principles and Protocols for Standard-setting Individual and Corporate Communication©
  5. Construction Communication Issues and Planning Elements: How to Pre-empt Neighborhood, Political, and Legal Issues for Major Construction Projects©
  6. Control Your Own Destiny: Corrections and Clarifications©
  7. Coping with Corporate Campaigns: Patterns of Activist Intrusion©
  8. Corporate Activism on the Internet: Rogue Activist Web Sites©
  9. The Crisis Web Site©
  10. Current Crisis Communication Issues©
  11. Exxon Valdez©
  12. Finding and Keeping Clients©
  13. First Response: Critical First Response Steps: A Management Model for Effective Response to Crisis; Scenario Response Development Checklist: A Work-up Model; The Case Study: A Conclusions/ Lessons Learned Framework©
  14. How to Develop the Mind of a Strategist©
  15. How to Establish a Professional Relationship With Reporters©
  16. The Ingredients of Leadership: Finding the Personal Power for Moving People and Organizations Into the Future©
  17. Moving Out of the Target Zone: What to Do When the Activists Attack©
  18. The Newest Discipline: Managing Legally Driven Issues©
  19. Surviving Contentious Meetings: Seven Key Steps
  20. Surviving 60 Minutes and Other News Magazine Shows©
  21. Ten Strategies for Successful Contract Negotiations©
  22. The Peppermill Public Hearing©
  23. The Tactical Ingenuity Pyramid Thinker's Manual©
  24. When You Are a Target: Coping With Activist Intrusions and Threats©
  25. Working Through Embarrassing Revelations©