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The Lukaszewski Group's training and coaching programs help executives, supervisors, and managers improve their leadership, supervisory, and problem management skills, and managers and spokespersons to communicate clearly, logically, and persuasively during media interviews, presentations, and testimony. Our fundamental underlying philosophy is that difficult situations can be preempted, managed, and resolved through direct, positive, and meaningfully specific communication techniques.
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To discuss your specific needs during normal business hours, please call The Lukaszewski Group’s Mount Kisco, New York office at 914.681.0000.

Coaching programs are structured to accommodate the experience, duties, and temperament of top executives who require more sophisticated, often one-on-one, approaches.

Coaching sessions for the chairman or chief executive can be conducted privately, on a one-on-one basis or in a group of five or fewer senior executives or less, or may be broken into two-to-four hour segments and conducted at different times or on different days to accommodate top executive schedules.

Training programs are targeted to middle level management, local plant, mill, or divisional office managers.

Training programs for spokespersons are provided as in-house workshops, custom-tailored to specific client needs. The most frequently used training format is the single, full-day session in one subject area for up to five participants. However, media, presentational, or testimony coaching modules may be combined into one and one-half or two-day programs.

The Lukaszewski Group offers several customized spokesperson development workshops for individuals, small and large groups. They may be conducted at your location or in New York.
  • Executive Media Workshop - Getting Your Story Out
    Focuses on basic coaching and training with on-camera work and message development activities for the spokesperson (usually one work day in length).
  • Adversarial Interview Workshop - Surviving Media Confrontation
    High intensity on-camera experiences to prepare for potentially negative situations.
  • Presentational Skills Workshop - Building Leadership Through Verbal Excellence
    Based on Lukaszewski’s concept, Listen Up, Powerful Strategies for Achieving Verbal Excellence.
  • Analyst/Board Presentation Workshop - Follow the Money
    Walks participants through the intricacies of making financial presentations more interesting, more useful, more effective, and more powerful.
  • Influencing Public Attitudes Workshop - Dealing with Angry and Fearful Publics/Building Support and Positive Visibility
    Focuses on the patterns of adversity and anger while helping participants develop communication skills that counteract patterns of negative behavior and potential adverse publicity.
  • Community Spokesperson Workshop - Representing Your Company Effectively in the Community
    Communication coaching sessions usually focus on a variety of spokespeople and spokesperson interests such as dealing with public officials and activist organizations, and preparing to counteract anti-corporate action.
  • Testimony Workshop
    Individual and group preparation for testimony before Congress, other governmental bodies, and in legal settings.
  • Crisis Management/Community Spokesperson Workshop (2 days)
    Prepares community relations staff and company officials to better represent their organization during difficult community problems and to identify opportunities for agreement.
  • Preparing for High-Profile National and International Media Exposure, Investigations, and News Shows
    Focuses on preparing specific organizational spokespersons for live appearances and interviews with Dateline NBC, Nightline, Prime Time Live, 60 Minutes, 20/20, The Fifth Estate, Globe and Mail, The Financial Times of London, The Wall Street Journal, and other major media.
  • Managing the Media Investigation
    Focuses on strategies for getting your organization’s story out accurately while in the limelight and limiting damage to its reputation.
  • Coaching for Leadership
    Develops individual leadership skills and management effectiveness.