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If your situation is less than urgent and you’d like to know more about The Lukaszewski Group and what we do, please review Experience Summaries. It is an overview of the kinds of activities The Lukaszewski Group does every day - namely strategic thinking, managing management involvement in crises, coaching, counseling, leadership development, and providing second opinions.

Select the category that best addresses your areas of concern. Should your specific issue not appear on the list, chances are that during his career as a crisis counselor and consultant, Mr. Lukaszewski has worked on your problem or something very similar to it. If you have a question, please call our office, 914.681.0000, or Mr. Lukaszewski’s 24-hour cell phone, 203.948.7029.

A conversation with Jim is always helpful since, in his experience, more than 50 percent of the issues he’s called about can be resolved in one call. About 25 percent of the calls he receives relate to more serious problems that require special expertise. The remainder most often relates to situations other than crises, but Jim will point you in the right direction to resolve the issues you face.

Please call.

Experience Summaries