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Bad News Eradicator

Bad News EradicatorThe Bad News Eradicator, a continuing Executive Action feature will show you how to avoid non-communication, debates, arguments, anger and contention in your speaking and writing. One of the most powerful strategies I teach is the eradication of negative language, phrases and statements.

  • Negative language is the most toxic communication we can create.
  • Negative language accounts for all divisiveness, distortion, dissention, contention, anger, wars, divorces… you get the idea.
  • Negative language is non-communication.
  • Negative language is destructive.
  • Negative language causes defensiveness (yours).
  • Negative language drives communication out of control.
  • Negative language causes intellectual deafness (Once you say no, the conversation is over).
  • Negative language fails to bring closure.
  • Negative language simply fails to achieve victory.
  • Negative language weighs more (is more memorable) than positive language.

If you want to have a truly better life, you need to learn how to eradicate negative language from everything that you do. Each month this section will provide up to two dozen translations of negative phrases, statements and ideas into positive statements ideas and concepts. The fact is, being positive the way we’re talking here, will change your life dramatically and permanently. It’s a personal discipline. Good luck. And welcome to a better life.

For a more complete discussion of the power of positive language, see, “The Ingredients of Leadership.”

Examples of Negatives Translated to Positives

   1.       “I can’t comment on the past . . .  I wasn’t there.” What I can tell you is . . .
   2.       “I don’t know.” Here’s what I know . . .
   3.       “I don’t like that idea.” Let’s try this . . .
   4.       “If adequate funds are not available.” If we need additional funds . . .
   5.       “Must not be an ineligible corporation.” Must be an eligible corporation
   6.       “My failure to act is not to be construed as acquiescence.” Please wait for me to take or suggest an action before deciding
   7.       “Neither side is incompatible.” Both sides seem amendable
   8.       “No amendment may be made.” Amendments are prohibited
   9.       “No increase or decrease is planned.” The situation will remain the same
10.       “No, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.” There are probably better ideas
11.       “No, it’s not wrong.” There are other ways
12.       “No problem.” Thank you; you’re welcome; my pleasure
13.       “Not that again.” Let’s move on.
14.       “Our people would never do that.” This is what our people would have done
15.       “That is not unheard of.” This has been heard of
16.       “That’s not a bad idea.” That could be a good idea
17.       “That’s not to say we can’t do it.” Here’s what we can do
18.       “That’s not true.” Here’s what’s true . . .
19.       “That’s partly untrue.” That’s only partly true
20.       “The company does not expect, nor can it guarantee . . .  ” The company will disclose what it expects, and explicitly state any guarantees.
21.       “The journey will not be without some obstacles.” There will be obstacles during the journey.
22.       “There is no reason why we cannot cooperate.” We can cooperate


Try your hand at creating your own positive equivalents to these negative statements. Share them with me and I’ll respond.

   1.       “It doesn’t matter that it won’t happen.”
   2.       “It doesn’t mean you’re not finished”
   3.       “It will not be inexpensive.”
   4.       “It’s not necessarily bad.”
   5.       “It’s not without limits.”
   6.       “It’s virtually impossible to make a mistake.”
   7.       “Just because it wasn’t said doesn’t mean…”
   8.       “Let’s not kid ourselves.”
   9.       “My failure to act is not to be construed as acquiescence.”
10.       “Neither side is incompatible.”
11.       “No one denies it’s true.”
12.       “No problem.”
13.       “No, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.”
14.       “Not for the uninitiated.”
15.       “Not without a struggle.”
16.       “Nothing can discount its value.”
17.       “Nothing less than success.”
18.       “Please don’t hesitate to ask.”
19.       “That’s not a bad idea.”
20.       “There is no right way


Begin Monitoring and Translating Your Own Negatives Today.  Start collecting your negatives daily and do your translations immediately.

It’s one of the key disciplines of leadership.

You can send these to me here and, with your permission, I will add them to our growing list of negative language translations.


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