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  2. The information provided on this Internet site is based solely on James E. Lukaszewski’s experience.  The sole purpose of this site is to illustrate Mr. Lukaszewski’s expertise in the fields of management leadership development and crisis communication response.  Readers and visitors should obtain appropriate legal counsel and other specialized advice necessary before applying any thoughts, comments, strategies, or ideas from this site.  Jim Lukaszewski works with clients by contract only.  He specifically and generally disclaims any responsibility for any advice, strategy, idea, or action plan used from this site in the absence of a bono fide, fully executed contract or letter of agreement with The Lukaszewski Group Inc.
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  6. This Internet site provides critical information about generally accepted principles and tools for crisis communication management.  The information on this site is intended to be used with additional guidance and consultation from specialists in the field.  As every situation is unique, always consult your law firm or corporate counsel before implementing the ideas or approaches outlined in these materials.
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