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5.10.2017 | Minnesota Cities Magazine

Message Matters: Media Relations During a Crisis

4.28.2017 | Minnesota PRSA Perspectives Blog

Managing Crises Means Managing Victims - Part I

4.20.2017 | FIR Podcast Network

Circle of Fellows #20: Strategic Storytelling with IABC Fellows

3.15.2017 | Minnesota PRSA Perspectives Blog

Contrast Analysis: A Tool for Strategists to Get Management’s Attention

3.02.2017 |

Here's How Samsung Can Restore Its Reputation

2.02.2017 | Minnesota PRSA Perspectives Blog

Brevity and Specificity in Giving Advice Assures a Better Reception

12.29.2016 | Star Tribune

One in five Minnesotans is suffering in silence — literally

12.21.2016 | Trust Across America

The Key Question for 2017

10.03.2016 | 1851 Magazine

What to Do When Your Restaurant is Hit With a Health Scare

9.13.2016 | Macca PR Blog

Seven Lessons That Ryan Lochte's Olympic Crisis Can Teach PR Pros

9.13.2016 | DuetsBlog

Avoiding the Seven Self-Inflicted, Destructive and Deceptive Industry (and Leadership) Behaviors that Create Victims, Critics and Often Enemies

9.01.2016 | Public Relations Tactics

Building Ethical Expectations Begins With You

8.19.2016 | How to be Awesome at Your Job

Episode 50: Getting the Boss to Listen to You with Jim Lukaszewski

7.27.2016 | FIR Podcast Network


7.27.2016 | FIR Podcast Network


6.14.2016 | UYD Media

Crisis Consultant Expert Jim Lukaszewski On Leadership Behaviors To Avoid

6.07.2016 | Tanveer Naseer

What Leaders Need To Do To Successfully Resolve A Crisis

6.03.2016 | ShoCase

An Introduction To Crisis Management With Jim Lukaszewski

5.18.2016 | Secure360

Want the boss to behave? Have a plan: What the boss should really do in a crisis

5.10.2016 | International Association of Business Communicators

5 more career-busting mistakes leaders need to avoid: Part II

4.26.2016 | International Association of Business Communicators

5 Career-Busting Mistakes Leaders Need to Avoid: Part I

4.17.2016 | Take It Personel-ly

5 Ways to Wage Peace

4.04.2016 | Metropolitan State University

Alum Jim Lukaszewski has long-time love affair with Metropolitan State

3.30.2016 | IABC Philadelphia

LOC Podcast: A conversation with Crisis PR Guru Jim Lukaszewski

3.25.2016 | KARE 11

Your Thoughts on Mpls Police Chief video

3.17.2016 | Take It Personel-ly

The Grand Crisis Response Management Strategy: 5 Crucial, Time-Sensitive Steps that End All Crises

2.23.2016 | Daily News

Crisis management expert: Uber had the best possible response to the Kalamazoo shooting

2.22.2016 | Business Insider

Crisis-management expert: Uber had the best possible response to the Kalamazoo shooting

12.16.2016 | Bill Martinez Live

Crisis Guru On How Police Rebuild Trust

8.28.2015 | Minnesota PRSA

Jim Lukaszewski Earns Fellow Designation from the IABC

8.14.2015 |

Blue Bell back by mid-September, but how will the public respond?

8.13.2015 |

Blue Bell’s Rocky Road Back to Supermarket Shelves

8.10.2015 |

Another Weak, Phony Apology” by Jim. They retitled it, “The Norwood Teague resignation: Still in search of the perfect apology

7.30.2015 | Fox 9 News, My Fox Twin Cities

“Expert weighs in about how to combat social media outrage” – about the dentist and Cecil the lion

7.30.2015 |

In killing lion, did dentist end his career, too?

6.09.2015 |

Brandon Spikes epitomizes new NFL approach: cut and run, fast

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