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In his Crisis Guru Commentaries, Jim Lukaszewski provides real answers to real questions about your most critical communications problems and issues.

To submit a question, please direct it by e-mail to crisisguru@e911.com

Be sure to include your full name, affiliation, address, and telephone number. All published questions will be identified by title and industry only. Your confidentiality will be protected.
  1. Getting the Boss Into Compliance
  2. Is Spokespersoning Entirely a Verbal Skill?
  3. Safety and Security Issues During Controversial High-profile Events
  4. Correcting the Record When the Media Get It Wrong
  5. What Do You Do When the Boss Says "No"?
  6. Why Won't My Colleagues Take Me Seriously When I Act as the Conscience of the Company?
  7. Working With My Boss to Challenge Management
  8. Keeping Good News in the Media and Bad News Out
  9. Counteracting Persistent Activists
  10. Crisis Plans
  11. Keeping Meetings On-Track
  12. Preventing False Information From Being Leaked
  13. Communicating Effectively
  14. How Can I Convince My Boss to Focus on Crisis Planning?
  15. Templates for Communications Plans
  16. Confrontation With Our Labor Unions
  17. Preparing Management for Long-Term, High-Profile Projects
  18. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Extractive Industries
  19. Communications Plan Template for Significant BusinessEvent
  20. Multiculturalism and Crisis Communications
  21. Talking with the Unconvinceables
  22. Staying in Charge of Your Own Destiny During Trouble
  23. What Life Cycle of a Bad News Story?
  24. How Do We Get Out From Under Attack by a Blogger
  25. How Do I Get to the Table
  26. Are Disasters Operational or Non-Operational
  27. Podcasting to Employees From Senior Management: Valuable Tool or Not? Part I
  28. Troublesome Reporters
  29. Interim Crisis Planning
  30. English-only Policy in the Work Place
  31. Pros & Cons of E-mail-only Interviews
  32. Podcasting to Employees From Senior Management: Valuable Tool or Not? Part II
  33. How Do You Alert People to Your Dark Site?
  34. Overcoming Opposition
  35. First Amendment, The Public's "Right" to Know
  36. Employee Relations in a Union Environment
  37. We Are Being Organized by a Union
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