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The Lukaszewski Group helps organizations manage tough, touchy, sensitive communication problems. We focus our energies on issues and situations with enormous organizational impact. Clients engage us to work across the spectrum of management communications and operational issues, reduce reputation risk, make things happen, move issues forward, provide second opinions, and resolve conflict and controversy.

Our work generally falls into three important areas - strategic guidance for senior management; hands-on direct action to resolve specific issues, problems, or conflicts on management's behalf; and coaching for individual success and organizational leadership.

Hands-on direct intervention on management's behalf may be required. Within hours we can activate situation-specific teams of experts and specialists to:
  • Direct community-based grassroots campaigns to influence public attitudes.
  • Prepare executives for appearances on 20-20, Nightline, and 60 Minutes.
  • Manage critical problems involving adverse government or community action, anti-corporate activism, business reversal/Chapter 11, environmental accidents, international disputes, high-profile civil and criminal litigation, labor negotiations, troublesome products, and extremely controversial public issues.
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