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"As Founder and CEO of the world's favorite florist, I have gotten advice from many thoughtful strategic advisors. None are more capable than Jim. This book provides the blueprint to become a Trusted Advisor."

Jim McCann , Chief Executive Officer,

"Leaders must have trusted advisors. This book shows you how to be one and stay one."

Harvey B. Mackay, author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Swim With the Sharks Without Being
Eaten Alive

"In this important book, Jim Lukaszewski lays out with great clarity and practicality what anyone must know who wants to have more influence on a boss and more impact on organizational success."

Dan Ciampa, Author of Taking Advice,
How Leaders Get Good Counsel and
Use It Wisely

"Lukaszewski, a brilliant strategic advisor, gives the secrets that can mean success for you."

Robert L. Dilenschneider, Author of
Power and Influence: The Rules Have Changed

"I've worked side-by-side with Jim Lukaszewski. He brings enormous credibility to high pressure situations. Clients listen because they sense immediately that he is a trusted advisor. I've read every word of his book. If you want to add new value in your organization and be viewed as a trusted advisor, you should, too."

Davis Young, Author of
Building Your Company's Good Name


Do you want to be heard much earlier, more often, at higher levels?

If you are going to advise bosses and leaders, you need to change your perspective and have a better sense of the disciplined approach required. The seven disciplines this book teaches will help you mold yourself into the strategic advisor so essential to your success. Each of this book's 10 powerful, jam-packed chapters addresses a crucial aspect of becoming a trusted strategic advisor.

This is a book about gaining influence and access. It is for every one who advises leaders, senior managers, corporate and organizational leadership (accounting, business continuation, business resumption and recovery, compliance, finance, human resources, IT, law, marketing, public relations, security, and strategic planning), and for outside consultants in these functional staff areas. It is also for operations people who are yearning be heard, finally, and heeded by their boss.

In this important book, Lukaszewski identifies and explains the crucial seven disciplines that trusted advisors must master to get access to and keep the confidence of leaders:

  • Be Trustworthy
  • Become a Verbal Visionary
  • Develop a Management Perspective
  • Think Strategically
  • Be a Window to Tomorrow: Understand the Power of Patterns
  • Advise Constructively
  • Show the Boss How to Use Your Advice

As the author explains, a great advisor looks over the entire field of leadership interests. He or she explores the barriers, threats, constraints, options, and opportunities to offer powerful, sensible, and wise counsel and recommendations.

Lukaszewski also reveals what executives and leaders expect of their advisors and the challenges these leaders, managers, and bosses experience every single day. It is getting more difficult to lead organizations, companies, and agencies, and understanding the circumstances leaders face is a crucial ingredient for becoming a trusted strategic advisor.

This is a handbook for those who seek to become a trusted advisor, and a tool for leaders and bosses who employ consultants to teach advisors how to consult effectively, how to set appropriate expectations for professional development, the advice to provide, and how to better serve the executives and leaders they coach.

This book will help you become the number one Number Two you imagine yourself to be, wherever you work, whether you are an internal expert or an outside consultant. The concepts talked about here will make your professional life richer, more professionally rewarding and, sometimes, more exhilarating.

According to Lukaszewski, "Working at the top is exciting, intense, and often fraught with confrontation and the clash of big egos and ideas. Some days it is like being in intellectual combat." He quotes Winston Churchill who once remarked, "There is absolutely nothing more invigorating than being shot at, and missed."

"Welcome to the line of fire," says Lukaszewski.

About the Author:

James E. Lukaszewski is the founder, CEO, and chairman of The Lukaszewski Group Inc. He is a trusted advisor and strategist who helps leaders and managers contain and counteract tough, touchy, sensitive corporate management issues on a daily basis.

He counsels companies facing serious internal and external problems involving: activist counteraction; community relations and grassroots campaigns; corporate relations failures; reputational threats; crisis communication management; employee relationship building; ethics/integrity/compliance; litigation visibility management; management communication strategies; media relations strategy and analysis; public affairs/exposure management; strategic Web site construction; Web-based attacks; and corporate survival strategies. His broad-based experience ranges from media-initiated investigations to product recalls and plant closings, from criminal litigation to takeovers. He is frequently retained by senior management to directly intervene and manage the resolution of corporate problems and bad news. The situations he helps resolve often involve conflict, controversy, community action or activist opposition.

He coaches and teaches all staff functions to become trusted strategic advisors:

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Business Continuation
  • Business Resumption and Recovery
  • Compliance
  • Customer Service
  • Finance and Investing
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • New Business Development
  • Public Affairs
  • Public Relations and Communications
  • Sales
  • Security
  • Strategic Planning

His Web site, www.e911.com, is considered to be among the world's most important and content-rich sites in crisis management, crisis management professional development, strategic public relations, leadership development, reputation repair, reputation recovery, and management communication strategy.

He is a coach, counselor, and confidant to many CEOs.

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