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Beyond ABC, APR – Issue # 2: Management Communication Impact on Worker/Employee Success

Mangement Communication Impact on Worker, Employee Success
Lessons from this Concept
: You are looking at the real environment of internal communication. The percentages indicate the influence of a given executive level or source of information on individuals at their desk or workstation.

  1. The pattern is pretty clear. The CEO does matter, but the First Line Supervisor matters more.
  2. There are two forces at work which are rarely acknowledged: the TGNTM factor and the IMIU factor, as illustrated above. Many employees rely on the person in the next cubicle to keep up.
  3. Employees often need to make things up when there are no answers or training to rely on. My estimate is that one in five employee decisions involve making up some part of the response or the information necessary to complete a task or an assignment.

The BIG Lesson: Large numbers of employees find they can ignore information that comes down from on high because they have a co-worker(s) who will do it for them, with interpretations, or making things up, of course. Or, the employee, absent specific guidance, goes ahead and gets things done, anyway. (I made it up.)

What’s Next in Beyond ABC, APR: The Ethical Expectations of Leadership

See you next time.

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James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, Fellow IABC; APR, Fellow PRSA, BEPS Emeritus

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  1. Don Bates says:

    Hi Jim. Some interesting conclusions here. Can you tell us where the statistics come from? Are they based on original research and who with? Knowing the source would make your interpretations more credible. Thanks.

    Don Bates

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