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Beyond ABC & APR: The Daily Ethical Expectations of Leadership


The Ethical Expectations of Leadership
Major Lessons from this Concept
: Leaders must implicitly and explicitly recognize the ethical expectations by everyone inside their organization. Focus groups, polls and interviews reveal a general list of ethical expectations similar to the one above.


  1. This is a particularly heavy-duty list of responsibilities for leadership, but where these executive responsibilities are ignored or minimized, trouble comes more easily.
  2. The sum of  all items 1-8 totals a high level of trust between those who work and associate with an organization and its leaders. These behaviors are the building blocks of trust.
  3. Of all of these, #8 remains the hardest, but it is among the most potent leadership behaviors. Putting values on par with profits builds confidence in employees, constituents and literally all stakeholders because it goes against the more common signal that it’s profits over everything else, along with the behaviors that such a belief system fosters.

Tweet:  The BIG Lesson: From a leadership perspective, these eight items are ongoing conversations that repeat, reinforce and clearly restate the beliefs, ideas and concepts of an organization so that employees, associates, vendors, customers and other stakeholders can recognize them, trust you and perhaps repeat and share them with others.

James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, Fellow IABC; APR, Fellow PRSA, BEPS Emeritus

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