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Jim Now

Civility Still Works

I had occasion to visit some dear friends in Stamford, CT, over the Thanksgiving holiday. He is a writer, college professor, business consultant and now a poet; she is one of the smartest public affairs people I’ve ever worked with.

Much to my surprise, he said to me, as we sat down for dinner at the Westchester Burger Co., that he was throwing out my years of writings on positive language and civil behavior. He mentioned it’s not likely to work or be subscribed to for quite a while in view of the behavior of our President-elect and the tolerance of that behavior by so many.

My response was WHOA!! To quote Christine Porath in her recent Wall Street Journal piece titled Civility at Work Helps Everyone Get Ahead, “The way you treat people means everything – whether they will build relationships with you, trust you, follow you, support you and work hard for you.”

It’s a brief but powerful piece, one filled with hope, and I think, sensible, practical and well-grounded advice.

For good measure, I have a link here to one of my most repeated, utilized and quoted monographs, The Ingredients of Leadership.

All CEOs I work with are introduced to these concepts of behavior and language. Those who pay attention to the Ingredients of Leadership have their lives changed remarkably, positively and permanently. Here is a brief summary of this extraordinary manifesto about leadership.

ingredients-of-leadership-cd-cover     You can also download the complimentary audio track on SoundCloud.

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