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Facebook Users: Time To Get Wise; Get Smart; And, Get Out

Guys like Zuckerberg, and just a handful of others around the world control billions of information files on you and me believe that no one has a right to privacy, that everything you do, say, write, or communicate belongs to everyone else in the world. And Mark and his buddies are right there to sell your life thousands of times to the rest of the world for billions of dollars which he fails to share with you.

1.    Zuckerberg misled Congress by testifying stupidly, leaving out huge amounts of information about his company and what they’re actually doing. Why? He apparently has an even lower opinion of Congress than most Americans and he knows he can get away with it.

2.    We have already entered, and been in, for some time, a supersmart era where devices in our   homes, cars, workplaces and public settings are collecting data on each and every one of us all the time and sending that information to lots of people you don’t know.

  • Walk in a restaurant and use a little video device to order your meal . . . Oh, you didn’t know it was a video device as well as an audio device. It’s putting your images, your ideas, the sound of your voice, what you like and don’t like, into an untold number of databanks ranging from facial recognition to applying artificial intelligence to guess about the rest of your life.
  • Your smart appliances report lots of information about you to your electric utility.
  • Your Alexa and similar devices when activated immediately connect and communicate constantly with other smart devices, starting first with those in your home including your car if it’s parked nearby.

3.    Here’s the kicker, all of these smart devices and databases communicate amongst themselves. They are trained to seek out other smart devices, offering information about you and trigger a permanent hook up to spray your information across all available data collection platforms.

Millions of smart televisions record what you watch and pass this information on in an array of constant data streams to people and organizations you don’t know, have not authorized, and are constantly finding ways to sell or resell your data.

Wednesday’s New York Times Business Section Personal Tech Page carried an article by Whitson Gordon, “How To Stop Your Smart TV From Tracking What You Watch.”

Read it and begin learning how to disable these tracking devices.

We need to encourage, if there’s anyone left in our government to be encouraged, to require warnings on all devices that can spontaneously communicate in any way with other devices.

Remember, if it’s a SMART something, it is smarter than you and it’s likely betraying you at the same time.

Here’s another smart alert: Always Keep the Camera Embedded in Your Computer and smart telephone Covered Until You Intend To Use It. There are programs being used by extortionists who claim to be able to operate your video camera whenever they care to and they can prepare embarrassing videos with you in the picture. For a price, usually several thousand dollars, they will not execute on what they threaten. At least you can report these attempts to the Internet Crime Complaint Center in the FBI.

It would be nicer if the word Privacy appeared in the U.S. Constitution but that’s not likely. The Zuckerbergs, Apples, Amazons, and the CIA and other members of the digital information cartels have the power to prevent personal privacy protection. That, we are going to have to work on for ourselves.

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