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Jim Now

Axioms of Crisis Survival

The First and Most Important Axiom of Crisis Survival:

Neither the media, your toughest opponents, smartest critics, nor the government knows enough to defeat you. Defeat is almost always the work of uninformed or over confident, overly optimistic bosses, co-workers and associates; well-meaning but uninformed friends, relatives, or from dysfunction in an organization.

Whether it’s Donald Trump, Secretary Clinton, the recently fired CEO of Wells Fargo, the officers and board of Target Corporation or British Petroleum: name the crisis, name the situation, and you will invariably find that the chief reason they have a problem is because they were responsible themselves for the issues and embarrassments they faced.

The irony here, of course, is that all of these organizations are run or guided by very smart people. It is very smart people who create the kinds of problems that grab the headlines, create the victims and cause whatever suffering occurs. The Federal Government, as we have seen so frequently recently, stumbles, fumbles and bungles things and has a very difficult time making their cases and accusations without the complicity of those actually perpetrating the problems. Again, there is always somebody close to the organization or its leadership who pops up as causing totally unexpected, and sometimes devastating, problems. Former Congressman Anthony Weiner comes to mind immediately.

Trust me, the worst always comes from someone near you, often thinking they are doing you a favor by explaining something from their perspective. But in the end, most perpetrators only have themselves to blame, and that’s what brings them down.


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