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Get The Guns Manifesto

A Special Message To All Victims and Survivors of School Gun Violence – and the next school shooting victims, the next student shooting survivors…..

The Next and Most Important Step Is One You Can Take by Yourself.

Get the Guns ManifestoBy this time, you have sadly and dishearteningly learned and heard from all those who can and will do nothing:

1.    Congress, the place that passed and maintains laws encouraging ownership of hundreds of millions of guns in America. They lie in your face.

2.    Congress, passed the laws that forbid study, understanding, basic research and records on gun violence, restrictions on the ATF and massive interference in law enforcement in America. They lie in your face.

3.    State legislators as guilty, spineless and shameless as Congressman. They lie in your face.

4.    The news media especially CNN, making millions daily on prolonging the story, totally toothless; and gutless; Who never really tell your story no matter what they promise; Never ask the really tough questions; fake empathy; fake sincerity; make the next news happen, nobody trusts them.

5.    Large corporations who are in bed with the NRA. They too, profit from guns.

6.    Law enforcement who are completely confused about who they should protect; make excuses for any kind of gun or gun mechanism. Seem allied with the NRA rather than Victims.

7.    Hundreds of phony so-called experts paraded (and paid) across your television screen: military, academic, police, political, non-political, medical, scientific, all seeking fame and fortune all guessing and Making things up.

8.    Remember no matter how many yakety-yakers the TV news put on a panel, none of what they say, no matter how much they talk, their yak will never add up to the truth.

9. Everyone is looking for a lifeboat, trouble is, they’re all filled with victims and survivors.

All of these groups are talk, talk, talk, talk and running scared.

How many guns have all these people and their talking taken off the street? ZERO

How many gun purchases will all these talking folks prevent? ZERO

How many guns are off the street from town hall meetings? ZERO (CNN makes tens of $millions daily)

How many deaths, and woundings, many of children, will all this talk prevent? ZERO

Despite all the optimism expressed by the non-victims, non-survivors, non-combatants, completely uninformed reporters and news organizations (all the information they need doesn’t exist, by federal law), activists, the self-appointed and self-anointed and media-paid spokespeople, nothing is likely to happen.

If history helps us understand anything about the future it predicts non-action, non-punishment, secrecy, lying to your face, nondisclosure and continuous shameless manipulation of all those who died, wounded, their memory, and their survivors.

Your Student Safety Action Manifesto

The Next Steps: Work Directly To Get Rid Of Guns

The next steps are up to you, the next victims, the current and next casualties and survivors.

  1. Children in every gun family know where the family’s guns are, legal and illegal. Forget all the other phony distractions. Come home from the marches, die-ins, media stunts and useless media interviews and town halls. Stop making others rich by doing nothing but talk.
  2. Go to your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers, cousins, ask them to simply turn their guns into the police, the ATF or the FBI. Ask your relatives and friends to ask the gun owners they know to do the same.
  3. Ask the people you know if they know people who should not have guns to report those people to authorities. Report them yourself if you have to.
  4. A gun that is gone from the home or business, backyard shed or workshop, basement closet or truck; out of the hands of people you know who shouldn’t have them, will not kill anyone.

Do you need a Congressman or Senator to do this . . .? No

Do you need town hall meetings to do this . . .? No

Do you need a television or any other kind of reporter to do this . . .? No

Do you need social media to do this . . .? No

Do you need a state legislator to do this . . .? No

Do you need the president of the United states to do this . . .? No

Does anyone need to know you’re doing this . . .? No

You will get some, maybe many guns . . .if those who have them truly love and care about your safety.

If an adult warns you that doing this is dangerous, remind them of where you’re going to school tomorrow. Talking, fear and lying haven’t exactly saved any lives.

Seems that only you can save your own life and the lives of those you love.

By: James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, Fellow IABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, BEPS Emeritus, America’s Crisis Guru

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