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How to Have the Access, Impact, and Influence You Deserve

Wednesday Wisdom

Stop being boring, dull, unimportant, and irrelevant

What sets an advisor apart so that they’re listened to more than you are, they have better access than you do, and they clearly have more impact than you do?

Can it really be this simple? The answer is powerful communication techniques, word power, idea power, powerful language choices, and avoiding negativity especially through language choice. Absolutely yes. But, you have to work at it and develop and practice your impact, influence, and access techniques.

Power Word and Phrasing techniques have the magical ability to get or keep you out of trouble and to move you and others in positive, constructive directions. These words counteract and detoxify the sticky, corrosive, destructive power of negative words and concepts.

The need for Power Words is essential, especially when we find ourselves in difficult, challenging and often murky, negative situations. The tendency upon hearing negative, emotional or accusatory language is to repeat and then respond. Power Words enable you to avoid repeating negative words and inflammable phrases, and to move in very constructive directions from the beginning.

I’ve developed 7 powerful techniques for gaining the access, impact, and influence you deserve. Use the link below to access the document.


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