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Jim Now

Memo to the U.S. Media: Quit Your Bellyaching



When are you going to get back to work? When are you going to stop whining? A good start would be firing all of those media executives and managers, top to bottom, who screwed up the news for the last two years or more so you can get back to work being real journalists.

Stop faking it. Our new president has got your number there and you deserve that criticism because you refuse to change.

Here are some questions with which to search your souls:

  1. Why are the same people who authorized and directed the use of erroneous and fake political information and polling for more than two years, literally ignoring one of the greatest shifts in public opinion in American history, still running American news operations?
  1. Why are those on the ground who fed the huge American fake news machine, made it up for two years, allowed the destruction of one presidential candidate to give us our current president, still on the ground, everyday doing the same thing, at the same troughs, reporting whatever is handed to them, then whining when attacked for faking the news?
  1. When will the media stop blaming everybody else and actually take responsibility for their errors and get back, if possible, to real journalism?
  1. When will the embarrassingly lazy broadcasting of every word the new president or his people say, including errors and intentional provocations, stop and professional reporting, interrogation and truth finding resume?
  1. Why is the president’s every word broadcast in real time? Any other celebrity or spokesperson on television who makes errors and accusations, ignores the truth, then humiliates, bullies and intimidates would never be broadcast in real time. There would be time delays to validate or bleep out information and errors, omissions and fabrications. Only some of the actual language the speaker is using would probably get used. Print media needs to leave spaces or do strikethroughs where there is silliness rather than truth. Whoa!! That’s censorship! Of course it is. But the truth is the media has always been in the selective truth business. The amount of information actually conveyed through all news mediums daily is a tiny, tiny fraction of the information available for distribution. There are thousands, perhaps even millions, of unused news sources every day. The vast majority of which never see the light of day because they’re neither interesting nor news.
  1. Will you ever stop being totally intimidated? You have a constitutional mandate dating from the beginning of our republic to get in there and find things out. Yet, you seem incapable of doing it. Then whine and complain when you fail. To quote a now very famous person, “You brought this on yourselves.” Now fix it.
  1. When will television news in particular start rotating in some real talent, people like Fareed Zakaria or Brian Lehrer, who do their homework, true news professionals who stop leaning on the guy next to them at the press conference to ask questions that matter.

We never hired any of you, and judging by the polls, we wouldn’t keep many of you if we had the chance to make the decisions ourselves. Reporters are supposed to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Get busy. Stop blubbering about how much you are suffering. The fact is, everyone in your audience has so much to worry about themselves, why should they care what you seem to be suffering. Well, suffering is a lonely business. Saving the world is also a lonely business. Do your own suffering by yourselves.

By definition, journalists are neither liked or thanked. Anything about that in the First Amendment? If you’re waiting for an apology, that word was also left out of the First Amendment.

Get rid of these stupid shows – “on the media,” “unreliable sources” – about what the media does and how the news is made. We don’t care. If you actually told the truth about how you get the news, we would trust you even less. You continue to display the daily incremental degradation of your ability or inclination to preserve, protect and defend democracy and truth. If you can’t succeed in achieving this constitutionally-protected sacred duty, find another career.

As President Bartlet would say, “Break’s over. Game on!”


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