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A Manifesto* for Getting to The Truth

These are personal mandates that drive you relentlessly backward, forward and to focus on the truth. So many voices from so many directions clouds the truth. So many lies, repeated, even by the media, so often the perpetrators, prognosticators, bloviators, bellyachers and backbench complainers forget the truth.

 Your Personal Truth Manifesto:

  • Abandoning And Sometimes Repudiating Those Who Seek To Make You Complicit In Their Misbehavior.
  • Detecting And Warning Potential Victims
  • Deterring Misbehavior, Bad Decisions, Self-Forgiveness
  • Doing What Needs To Be Done, Now
  • Exposing The Knowable
  • Naming The Problems And The Perpetrators
  • Naming, Shaming, And Stopping Unconscionable Behaviors, Decisions And Actions
  • Preventing More Victims
  • Protecting The Victims
  • Saying The Unsayable
  • Saying What Needs To Be Said, Now
  • Speaking The Unspeakable, Now
  • Staying At It, No Matter What

Lukaszewski’s parallel principles of ethical behavior:

  • All questionable, inappropriate, unethical, immoral, improper, illegitimate and criminal behaviors are intentional.
  • All appropriate, ethical, moral, proper and legal behaviors and aspirations are intentional.

* an individual public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives (

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