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Tripping Points: Bad Decisions Smart People Make That Lead to Trouble

Tripping points are the ingredients of trouble, those decisions, actions or instigation steps in the process smart people initiate or allow themselves to undergo to get in to trouble. I guarantee you’ll recognize every one of them, especially if you listened to your mom growing up.


Tripping Point #1: Looking for Trouble

You’re the boss. You have an idea which you think will really have tremendous impact on your business, reputation or those you care about, who should care more about you.

Your bellybutton says, “Are you really sure you even want to talk about this, much less seriously contemplate doing it?” to which you tell yourself, “Well, let’s see. I’ll talk to a few people I can trust and if they don’t think it’s a horrible idea, I may go ahead with it.”

So, that’s what you do. You pick a couple of trusted folks (meaning they keep their mouths shut) in your organization. You use special care to pick the usual “yes boss” colleagues, you easily get confirmation (because you knew you would) and you have successfully cracked the gates to trouble. At the time, this step seems very small. In reality, it’s a very big step because each step you take after the first one gets easier, and your troubles potentially get that much worse.

Look for Tripping Point #2: The Toxic Power of Silence in the next blog post.


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