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Welcome to the game, Mr. Trump: You’re going to get what you give

American Political Success Rule #1:

Stop the production of critics and enemies. Once you victimize them, they have far more power than you’ll ever have; they live forever, will survive you and will be waiting in the swamp.



  • If you act like you own the place, everyone else will snicker and remind themselves that you are just the 45th temporary resident. Soon you’ll be gone and they will remain.
  • If you get ahead of yourself, someone will lock the door right behind you.
  • If you give a compliment, you will get appreciation/neutrality.
  • If you create critics, they will lay in wait to spoil whatever your greatest plans happen to be.
  • If you give credit, you get support or perhaps neutrality.
  • If you give criticism, you get resentment, resistance and retribution.
  • If you demean, you get persistent negativity.
  • If you deny, you get relentless suspicion.
  • If you distort, you get called a liar.
  • If you attempt to drain the swamp, it refills automatically with new, more sophisticated and dangerous, unknown players, critics and people you have wounded.
  • If you give embarrassment, you get counterattack and animosity.
  • If you give humiliation, you get vilification.
  • If you give injury or victimize, you get retaliation.
  • If you give insults, you get fear-driven anger.
  • If you give respect, you will likely get respect.

Mr. Trump, may want to follow Winston Churchill. Who, when referencing how history would favorably view his role in winning World War II, intended to write that history himself.

He did and we do.

Trump will have to conclude the wars he has already started first, however. With so many enemies, broken egos and busted aspirations even as he is sworn in, there are going to be a lot of people writing his history from the start, and waiting for him in the swamp.

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