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Wells Fargo Moves the Deck Chairs Again… But the Ship is Still Sinking


Yesterday (12/1), Wells Fargo took another meaningless step to avoiding their clear responsibility to clean up the mess they created, involving hundreds of thousands (perhaps even more now) of their customers. They separated the chairman and CEO posts, a gesture which is simply beyond understanding. It reflects again, their misguided focus on fixing operations without paying the price of fraud, deceit and despicable behavior toward their customers.

The question is: Is this an ethical business run by people who are honorable, honest, open and forthright, or just over paid? Do any of these leaders actually have any integrity? Are they capable of dealing with the enormous persistent damage they caused?

If an organization, individual or institution shows:

  • No empathy
  • No humility
  • No seeking of forgiveness
  • No compassion
  • No accountability
  • No apology

Can they claim to be ethical and trustworthy?

If an organization, individual or institution refuses to accept:

  • Criticism
  • Oversight
  • Rigorous disclosure
  • Significant consequences for:
    • Felonies
    • Misdemeanors

Can it be an ethical organization, individual or institution, one that can be trusted and relied upon?

If an organization, individual or institution’s practices:

  • Degrade or harm
  • Cause needless misery
  • Are arrogant and callous
  • Resist reasonable and sensible demands for change
  • Fail to hold themselves to the standards to which they hold their customers

Can they ever stop producing victims?

When will this bank hire someone to oversee the extraordinary rehabilitation required of this institution? How about Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)?

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