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Why Should the Boss Listen to You: The Seven Disciplines of the Trusted Strategic Advisor

WHYSHOULD_3DBest-selling guide to becoming more trusted, influential, important and successful. If you are in communications, human relations, security, strategic planning, accounting, finance, IT, law, or marketing, this book is a powerful tool to help you move ahead.

“One of the most common complaints of managers and functional experts inside organizations is that their leaders don’t listen to them and heed their advice enough. And they’re right. The result is a huge waste of time, expertise, morale, and money. Part of the answer is leaders becoming better, wiser advice takers… the other part is better advice giving on the part of advisers. In this important book, Jim Lukaszewski lays out with great clarity and practicality what anyone must know who wants to have more influence on a boss and more impact on organizational success.” – Dan Ciampa, Author of Taking Advice, How Leaders Get Good Counsel and Use It Wisely


  • “Most business books counsel readers on how to get a corner office. But here comes a book for the aspiring second banana. The author sets forth the seven (of course, seven) disciplines of the trusted adviser. These include common sense attributes such as thinking strategically, developing a management perspective and advising constructively. The payoff for being influential, says Lukaszewski, is having power. ‘Actually seeing your recommendations become marching orders is something amazing to behold and to achieve,’ he writes. But don’t forget: the boss always gets the credit”

    Andrea Sachs
  • “the book offers smart and practical advice that will help advisors who want to have a real impact on their boss and the organization they work for.”
    January 14, 2008
  • “James E. Lukaszewski provides information explaining systematic processes for getting to and working at the highest levels and having maximum impact as a trusted adviser. Readers will find out how chief executives and other top executives think, understand what matters to them, and how they operate. The book’s easy-to-digest lists, worksheets, and charts help readers understand how successful strategic advisers encourage operational people to do what it takes to be heard.”

    The Boston Globe, April 20, 2008
  • “Leaders must have trusted advisors.  This book shows you how to be one and stay one.”

    Harvey B. Mackay
    author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive
  • “Jim Lukaszewski has personally helped resolve more corporate crises than anyone I know of.  His experience “in the trenches” equals the high quality of his judgment.”

    Chester Burger
    American Public Relations Leader Emeritus and PRSA Gold Anvil Winner

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