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Get Your Boss to Use Your Advice Now

Would you like to learn how to be heard, and heeded, by management? 

Do you know what behaviors, attitudes and advice your boss is looking for every day? 

Do you want to learn what is takes to earn management’s respect, attention and buy-in?

This program is about getting heard at the right management level and having truly strategic impact. Having significant influence is what most of us seek to accomplish, whether in a staff position, operating position or as an outside consultant.

During his upcoming workshop, Developing a Strategic Mindset: Get Your Boss to Use Your Advice NowJim Lukaszewski, America’s strategists’ strategist, will answer these questions and more:

  1. How do I get my boss to do things I think they should be doing when they consistently resist or just ignore my questions?
  2. What’s the magic to getting invited earlier and more often to the C Suite?
  3. What do I have to do to get my boss to actually listen to me?
  4. How do I approach my boss if I really disagree with what they’re proposing to do or even what they’ve decided to do?
  5. How can I get senior people to consider me as something more than just an order taker every time I enter the room?
  6. What do bosses really expect from a staff advisor?
  7. How would a CEO define what a trusted strategic advisor really is and does?
  8. What are the three or four most important things I should avoid doing?
  9. How can I convince someone in a top operating position of the importance of what I tell them, in a general sense, as well as in specific circumstances, problems or situations?
  10. Lawyers seem to enjoy belittling communicators and other staff functions, other operating people tend to join in. How do I enlist my boss’ support in combating this?
  11. I seem to always be competing with lawyers. How do I get my boss on my side when the lawyers are opposed to something I suggest?
  12. Attorneys often say they “know nothing about communications,” but then go on to plan the communications and make me complicit in their mistakes and bad judgments. How do I point this out to my boss, effectively?
  13. I’m mostly a communicator, what else should I know that would make me truly more valuable to my boss?
  14. Why should your boss listen to you?


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