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Interview Preparation Notes: Exhibit # 17

Interview Preperation Notes is a crucial 43 page document provided to all participants in Lukaszewski’s Executive Media Training Workshops. The document contains more than 40 crucial media interview preparation notes which will be shared each month in this newsletter.

One of the first and most important questions I ask those going through media training is to discuss with me their concerns, fears, doubts and questions about being interviewed by the news media. I believe it’s far more important to make spokespeople feel more comfortable than spend way too much time talking about the media.

Accuracy:                  Will the media tell our story correctly?
Ambush:                    How do I protect myself?
Antagonism:              How do I answer tough questions?
Babbling:                  How do I keep from just spilling my guts?
Blocking:                  How will I stop the story if I don’t like it?
Comfort:                   How can I reduce my nervousness?
Context:                    How will the reporter interpret my comments & answers?
Control:                    Who runs the interview?
Editing:                     Will I have a chance to fix or stop the story?
Errors:                      How will I fix mistakes the reporter makes?
Fear:                         Can the reporter see me sweat?
Hostility:                   How do I handle tough reporters?
Image:                       Will the media present us properly?
Off-the-record:           Can I make them?
Prior Approval:           Can I see the story before it appears?
Psyched Up:                How do I get ready?
Response:                   How do I know when the interview has begun?
Retractions:                How do I get a retraction when a reporter makes a mistake?
Rights:                        Do I have any?
Rules of Engagement:   Are there any?
Stupidity:                    How can I keep from looking like a jerk?
Surprise:                     When will the reporters spring the trap?
Taking the Fifth:          How do we say “no” to interviews?
Technology:                 Will the media understand our business?
Trust:                          Can we rely on the reporter’s assurances?

Note to Media Coaches and Trainers: If you’d like to see a full Table of Contents for Media Training Notes, listing the 43 key topics I cover in my seminars simply email me at, Subject Line: Interview Preparation Notes TOC.


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