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Lukaszewski’s Civility and Decency Manifesto

  1. When your words, deeds or actions turn to vilification, stop.
  2. When you use sarcasm to ridicule and damage, demean, dismiss, diminish or humiliate, stop.
  3. When your words are arrogant, causing needless but intentional pain and suffering, stop.
  4. When your words clearly express anger and irritation, stop.
  5. When your words, deeds or actions are demanding and bullying, stop.
  6. When your words are just plain mean, stop.
  7. When your words insult, stop.
  8. When your words become corrosive and disrespectful, stop
  9. When your words become disparaging and tone deaf, stop.
  10. When you speak and behave without empathy, stop, reconsider.
  11.  When your words mindlessly injure, stop.
  12. When your words, deeds or actions intentionally injure, stop.
  13. When your words spread accusations and suspicion, stop.
  14. When your words exhibit overbearing and overzealousness, stop.
  15. When what you propose is negative, punitive, defensive and harmfully restrictive on others, stop, choose another pathway.
  16. When your words exceed the boundaries of decency, civility and integrity, just simply stop. Choose another path.

The true test of civility is a commitment to verbal and written communication that are predominantly positive and declarative and behaviors that are simple, sensitive, sensible, constructive, positive, helpful, empathetic and benefit the recipient out of proportion positively to the sender. Any other pathways lead only to trouble, prolong problems and delay mitigation and resolution. Empathy means positive deeds that speak louder and more constructively than words.

There are so many pathways to civility, decency, and integrity, pick as many as you can.

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