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2020 Editions













2019 Editions

October 2019: When Trouble Happens, What are the Ethical Expectations of Leadership?

August 2019: The Sunshine Girl Has Passed Away

July 2019: How Many Little League Shirts Equal the Death of a Child?

June 2019: Why Are You Standing There When You Should Be Speaking Up?

May 2019: Crisis Management: Danger or Opportunity, Maybe Neither.

April 2019: Attention, U.S. Atty. General Barr, Silence (And Redaction) are always toxic strategies. Don’t screw this up.

March 2019: Three Great Lessons I Have Learned

January 2019: Can We Ever Put 2018 Behind Us? Let’s Find Out

2018 Editions

December 2018: STOP STOP STOP

November 2018: How About We Give Decency & Civility A Chance?

August 2018:  Will Leaders In Crisis Ever Learn?

July 2018: Lukaszewski’s Civility & Decency Manifesto and Other Wisdom

June 2018:  Apology Is The Atomic Energy Of Empathy

May 2018:  It’s About Time! CEOs Around The World Are Starting To Speak Out….

April 2018: Jim’s Wisdom, Avoiding Big Professional Mistakes, Do You Have A Personal Code Of Conduct?

March 2018:  Getting The Guns Starts At Home

February 2018: A Word With Your Boss, Please…

January 2018: How Influential Are You?

2017 Editions

December 2017: How To Make Your Life Amazingly Better Part 2

November 2017: Cool Case Study Approach and More….

October 2017: How To Make Your Life Amazingly Better

September 2017: Breaks Over. Some Meaty Subjects As Your Summer Winds Down….

August 2017: Helping Leaders Lead

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** “To the extent that any single [leadership] quality determines success, that quality is adaptive capacity.” - Warren Bennis and Robert Thomas, “Geeks and Geezers: How Era, Values and Defining Moments Shape Leaders”, 2008, Harvard Business School Press, page 91