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Quiz # 1: How Influential Are You?

10 crucial questions that reveal your current level of influence

1). Are you getting called earlier (first?)

2). Are you invited to key meetings before things go in the ditch? And other key decisions?

3). Do people remember what you say and perhaps quote you in other places and venues?

4). Do people tell your stories and share your lessons and credit you?

5). Do people tell your stories and share your lessons as though your stories were theirs?

6). Do people learn things from you that they acknowledge to you and remark about to others?

7). Do others seek out your opinion and ideas or share their agenda and beliefs with you in hopes of influencing you to influence the behavior and decisions of others more senior than you?

8). Does the boss advise others to run their ideas and proposals by you before being run by the boss or board?

9). Do people hold up meetings waiting for you to arrive to make important contributions, interpretations of current events and understanding what will work?

10). How are you working everyday to achieve more access, influence and impact?

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