Wednesday Smart Shibboleth#9: Lukaszewski’s Civility and Decency Manifesto: 39 Paths to Decency

39 Paths to Decency

The true test of civility is a commitment to verbal, written communication, deeds, and actions that benefit a recipient more than the sender. Here are 39 possible paths that can get you to civility, decency, integrity, and trust. Always pick as many as you can, as frequently as you can.

1. Accountability
2. Apology
3. Calmness
4. Candor
5. Character
6. Charitability
7. Chivalry
8. Civility
9. Compassion
10. Constructiveness
11. Courtesy
12. Decency
13. Dignity
14. Empathy: positive deeds that always speak louder than words
15. Engagement
16. Forgiveness
17. Gratitude
18. Helpfulness
19. Honesty
20. Honor
21. Humility
22. Integrity
23. Listening: the greatest decency
24. Openness
25. Peacefulness
26. Pleasantness
27. Politeness
28. Positivity
29. Principle
30. Respect
31. Responsiveness
32. Sensibility
33. Sensitivity
34. Simplicity
35. Softness
36. Tact
37. Thoughtfulness
38. Transparency
39. Truthfulness

Use this shibboleth as a personal and organizational decency accomplishment checklist.

  • Make other additions to this list of things you have already been doing
  • Make this list become a living instrument to help you and those you know, and organizations you belong to commit to a broad array of decent behaviors and higher levels of civility.
  • Develop examples and illustrations of each of these and the ones you add from your own experience.
  • Keep a log.
  • Find opportunities to talk about these activities, beliefs, and ideas where they will motivate others to emulate what you’ve learned to take such pleasure in doing.

Remember, the reverse of any of these words, ideas, or behaviors only lead to trouble, problems, and delayed mitigation and resolution; plus revictimizing those who have been injured.

Let’s talk about it. I’m always interested in helping colleagues perfect their own personal decency pathways. Reach out to me at 203-948-7029 or

James E. Lukaszewski
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