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Lukaszewski’s Strategic Rethinking of Employee Communications

How to Have the Access, Impact, and Influence You Deserve

The Perfect Apology


Media Relations During a Crisis

Jim Lukaszewski Speaking Kit

Advice to Clients: How to Work with Legal Advisors

The Truth Index

Managing Contention, The Victory Manual

Public Consent Model

Ridgeway Strategic Audience Analysis Worksheet

Risk Management: Extreme Honesty May Be the Best Policy

Sitting Down with Critics, Bloviators, Bellyachers and Complainers… Why?

Surviving Contentious Meetings

Winning When Everybody is Mad at You

Answering Tough, Touchy, Sensitive Questions and Responding to Emotional Questioners

Compassion: Use with Caution

Crisis-Readiness Communications Response Template

Destructive Management Communication Behavior

Dictionary of Non-Communication

How Democracy Works

Manage Your Own Destiny or Someone Else Will, Playing the Game of Hardball PR

Waging Peace in Your Community

Rethinking Employee Communications

Bad News Eradicator Worksheet

Building Quality Community Relationships: A Planning Model to Gain and Maintain Public Consent

Communicating Intentionally

Speaking and Acting with Compassion

The Strategic Power of Positive Language

Using Power Words and Phrases

Only smart people cause crises. The trouble starts when smart people shift the blame to those not truly responsible.

Speed beats smart every time. Lengthy delays never develop better solutions, delay destroys reputation.

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