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Crisis Consulting

The Lukaszewski Group Division provides crucial crisis readiness and response services, including:

  1. Strategic guidance for senior management during crises and leadership recovery.
  2. Hands-on management of critical crisis problems.
  3. Management leadership development during crises.
  4. Counsel on prevention, detection, readiness and response.

Clients engage us to work across the spectrum of management communications and operational issues, reduce reputation risk, make things happen, move issues forward, provide second opinions, and resolve conflict and controversy.


Activist / Web Attack Counteraction

  • Understanding and dealing with activists’ activity
  • Developing strategies to overcome, overtake, and counteract activist action
  • Engage in approaches that lead to resolution of issues and differences

Coaching & Training for Executives and Managers / Leadership

  • Helping executives find their voice, their vision, and their verbal skills
  • Coaching leaders to better understand the needs of leadership and develop followers
  • Training programs for managers and supervisors at all levels

Public Affairs & Exposure Management Forecasting

  • Develop processes for issues surveillance and exposure management
  • Identify the impact and probability of larger issues of organizations
  • Help organizations understand their vulnerabilities


  • Work with the CEO with respect to the communications impact of management strategy
  • Work with top management to structure appropriate operational communications decision-making and action
  • Guiding management through tough, touchy, sensitive issues and problem areas to achieve their objective

Corporate Relations / Professional Development

  • Working with the broadest range of key issues at the corporate level in all staff operating functions
  • Developing staff and external professionals’ skills, confidences, and abilities

Employee Relationship/Loyalty Building

  • Restructure employee communications and relationship programs
  • Coaching senior management into more effective employee communication roles
  • Coaching supervisors

Community Relations / Grassroots Campaigns / Gaining Public Consent

  • Structuring community relationships
  • Designing, establishing, running, and achieving corporate grassroots campaigns
  • Helping organizations work through tough, touchy, sensitive community issues where consent and public permission is required

Crisis Communication Management Readiness & Simulations

  • Planning to respond to crises
  • Protecting each area of crisis response: pre-emption, prevention, readiness, response, and recovery
  • Conducting various levels of problem simulations to protect management and organization response

Litigation Communication Management

  • Managing high-profile litigation
  • Coaching spokespeople and attorneys
  • Advising management and their attorneys on public opinion impact of litigation strategy

Media Relations Strategy & Analysis

  • Construct a media relations strategy during adverse situations
  • Analyze and forecast the results of media relations strategic options
  • Develop strategic communications options

Ethics/Integrity/Corporate Governance

  • Assess, understand, and make recommendations to improve internal integrity and Code of Conduct programs
  • Structuring management participation in internal compliance, Code of Conduct, and integrity programs
  • Assessing threats to corporate governance

Management Communications Strategy / Reputation Recovery

  • Structure management communication during good times and bad
  • Dealing with senior management communication internally and externally scenario by scenario
  • Rebuilding organizational and individual trust following tough, touchy, sensitive situations


  • I continue to use the advice and wisdom you imparted to us in the early days of forestry on a nearly daily (and sometimes hourly!) basis. At my youngest daughter’s parent teacher conference two weeks ago the teacher asked [our daughter] what things she wanted to work on for the next semester, and she began with “well, I want to avoid saying negative things, and when I want to say something like that I want to state it as a positive… my dad does that.” [She] just turned 12, so we are trying to share your wisdom.

    Consulting Client since 1995
  • I thought Jim’s session on litigation was superb. It was I who called it the “fastest 90 minutes in workshop history” in my evaluation. Thanks for the insights. I haven’t stopped quoting Jim since I got back to work on Wednesday.

    Director of Communications
    Business Council
  • I understand the brigadier generals orientation is going to take place this month. I hope you are an important part of that week. I remain firmly convinced that our general officers must be well grounded and well informed about dealing with the media… What you have been teaching is on track, and I hope you will have sufficient time in order to convey what they need to know about dealing with the media. Overall, I think we had pretty good success in getting the Marine Corps story told. It was not without its share of lessons learned however, and I look forward to discussing them with you so those things can be incorporated into our discussions with the general officers.

    Lieutenant General
    I Marine Expeditionary Force
  • Periodically, something from you comes across my desk. Today, it was an Executive Action piece on crisis prevention. I have always admired your clear thinking and the quality of the materials you send out. It’s good information and also a useful marketing model.

    President, CEO
    Public Relations Counsel
  • …our heartfelt thanks for all you have done to meet what is certainly the biggest challenge we’ve faced in our business lives. We will keep you posted as our saga plays out; we are deeply appreciative for your wise counsel and unflagging energy.

    International Public Relations Firm
  • I appreciate the time you took to contribute to the professional development of [our agency’s department of] Public Affairs and to inform us about advising and counseling the boss. Your comments really resonated with our group and were exactly what I wanted them to hear the first day of our symposium. Many in the audience are responsible for providing honest and truthful counsel to their bosses on a daily basis. You gave me and my team a better understanding as we work to become trusted advisors to our senior leaders.

    Again, a huge thanks for joining us.

    Sr. Military Officer

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