Jim speaks annually before a wide variety of local, statewide, national and international organizations and associations engaging thousands of audience members. His webinars reach several thousand additional participants. His diverse audiences include business groups, state and federal government agencies at all levels, U.S. military services (DINFOS) and intelligence agencies, law enforcement, chemical industries, trade and professional associations, large businesses, DINFOS, extractive industries, transportation, healthcare and insurance groups, academia and more.

Wherever there is or can be trouble, victims, serious problems and disaster, there are affected audiences and troubled leaders waiting to learn the way out of their problems from Jim.

He is a realist, a pragmatist, truth teller, an inspirer, storyteller, motivator and coach. If you have a troubled executive team, or your organization, profession or industry needs an infusion of sensible, honest, dramatically and powerfully presented helpful information, call Jim.

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Past Speaking Clients

“Your comments really resonated with our group and were exactly what I wanted them to hear the first day of our symposium. Many in the audience are responsible for providing honest and truthful counsel to their boss on a daily basis. You gave me and my team a better understanding as we work to become trusted advisors to our senior leaders. Again, huge thanks for joining us.”

 Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy