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2024 Power Talks

  • 45-60 Minutes (In-person or Zoom)
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  • Free to Qualifying Organizations
  • No Fee NPO In-Person Presentations, During 2024 (travel and lodging expenses must be covered for appearances more than 100 miles from Minneapolis/St. Paul area)

Talk 1

Crisis Proofing Your Organization (and Your Career)

  • Managing the victim dimension of crisis.
  • Plan the Plannable, Prevent the Preventable, Get the Simple Stuff Done Right First – 6 Most Important “Must Do’s”.
  • Understand why victims will control the outcome, your reputation, and the boss’ destiny, if you let them.

“One hour wasn’t long enough for something this interesting.”

“Expand an addition 15 minutes for questions and answers.”

“Such a fresh, positive perspective.”

“He gave great descriptions of victim power.”

Nearly 100 said, “Program should be at least another half hour.”

“Great presenter.”

Talk 2

Finding the Happiness that Success Should Bring, But Rarely Does

  • Prepare your life for the happiness you seek, seven crucial steps.
  • The power of decency as a happiness and success creator.
  • A simple sensible plan to build the happiness potential of everything you achieve.
  • Understanding and avoiding the most happiness-destructive behaviors.

“One hour wasn’t long enough for something this interesting.”

“So sensible.”

“I liked the resources Jim provided to attendees.”

“It was insightful.”

Talk 3

Avoiding Intentional Unethical Crisis Management

  • Seven-step response readiness management, response readiness strategy.
  • Learn to anticipate destructive leadership behaviors.
  • Nine Steps to resolving crisis and rebuilding trust.
  • Overcoming management and leadership objections to doing what they know needs to be done, now and much more.

“An especially appropriate subject for these dark times we live in.”

“I enjoyed Jim’s presentations, always interesting and important.”

“Is needed for all organizations and businesses.”

“Outstanding performance. The best talk I’ve attended this year.”

Talk 4

Influencing Leaders, Transforming Yourself into a Trusted Strategic Advisor – Seven Crucial Personal Tests, Seven Powerful Personal Success Habits

Most Popular Talk of All Time

  • Do You Have What It Takes?
  • How to apply the three options strategy to giving advice and convincing management to act
  • How to be in the room when the big decisions are made.
  • The changes you need to make to your work, your life, thinking, and the personal disciplines necessary to be a trusted strategic advisor.
  • How to know when you are a trusted strategic advisor.

“Highly experienced and truly relevant.”

“It really related to what makes a good company.”

“Great concepts to use.”

“It was informative memorable.”

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