The Decency Code

The essential guide to creating an honest, ethical workplace culture in any industry.

The Manager’s Guide to Handling the Media in Crisis

When you are in trouble, attracting media attention is surprisingly easy – you just want it to be the right kind! If an event causes the phone to ring and TV cameras to appear in your lobby, you need confidence that the people who happen to be at your worksite that day are prepared. That’s easy if everyone – executives, PR, managers, and employees – are familiar with Jim Lukaszewski’s sure-fire methods for handling the media.

Lukaszewski on Crisis Communication

Sensible, constructive, helpful, insightful, useful advice on managing victims, preparing management for leadership, surviving ever larger media coverage, counteracting/enlisting social media, overcoming activism, working with attorneys and litigation, wisdom and encouragement for people of integrity.

Why Should The Boss Listen to You

Best-selling guide to becoming more trusted, influential, important and successful. If you are in communications, human relations, security, strategic planning, accounting, finance, IT, law, or marketing, this book is a powerful tool to help you move ahead.