Wednesday’s Smart Shibboleth #12: What I Believe and You Should Too

  1. All questionable, uncivil, indecent, inappropriate, unethical,
    unconscionable, immoral, predatory, improper, victim-producing,
    and criminal behaviors are intentional. Adults always knowingly
    decide to do these things.
  2. All ethical, moral, civil, decent, compassionate, and lawful
    behaviors are also intentional. The choice is always clearly yours.
  3. Workplaces with integrity, civility, respect, and decency are safer
    and more ethical.
  4. Those who lead with integrity, civility, respect, and decency are
    likely more ethical and trustworthy.
  5. Unconscionable intentions, behaviors, actions, and decisions, those
    that vilify, damage, demean, dismiss, diminish, humiliate, cause needless intentional pain, express anger and irritation, demand, or bully, are mean, negative, insulting, disrespectful, disparaging, tone deaf, without empathy, intentionally injure, accuse, overbear, punish, harmfully restrict, exceed decency’s, civility’s and integrity’s boundaries are all unethical.
  6. Evil is human behavior and actions that intentionally harm the
    innocent, people, animals, and living systems.
  7. Apology is the atomic energy of empathy. Apologies can stop bad
    things from starting and start stopping bad things.
  8. Empathy is positive, constructive, decent, and civil deeds that
    demonstrate integrity and speak for themselves louder than words
    ever can.
  9. Ethics is seeking ideal behavior. (According to American
    Philosopher Will Durant in The Story of Philosophy, pocketbook
    division of Simon and Schuster © 1926)
  10. Only truth can earn forgiveness. Liars may seem forgiven but
    they always know they don’t deserve it.
  11. Dump, distance yourself, and don’t look back from those
    who behave unethically, without empathy, unconscionably,
    uncivilly, indecently, and with evil intentions. They will always be
    this way. Life will be happier immediately.