Wednesday’s Smart Shibboleth #14: The Exception to the Loyalty Rule

If your leadership or management is asking you to make recommendations regarding something they are doing that you know is irregular, immoral, monumentally stupid, perhaps dangerous, and even a touch illegal, this is a signal for you to leave. Now.

Too many of our colleagues, perhaps you, have stuck around working for people they like but behave badly, hoping that you can have enough impact on them to move them to a more reasonable course. Almost never happens. In my experience, it never happens. Bad leaders and managers stay bad.

If you are one of those hanging around waiting to be effective again, just look around. Be honest with yourself. Actually look for the last time you made significant changes in their direction or their intentions. What likely comes to mind are lots of promises, stumbling starts, but never specific, concrete, permanent change. It’s just not there. It never will be. Head for the door.

Once you recognize that you’re involved, you have become complicit in everything they are doing. Your loyalty needs to stop. Leave that day. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make in your life, for those you care about and, those who care about you.